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Aqua classes & Aqua training 



aqua aerobics for men and women

Posted by swimfit on November 24, 2014 at 9:50 AM

Aqua aerobics has for too long now been regarded by many as a female exercise class. Typically you will find many aqua classes occupied by females of a certain age, that want a verys low, low imoact stretch in the water. It is a social cocasion for many. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it does convey an image of aqua aerobics that many males just dont see they fit into.

Unfortunately many younger females or fitness types are also put off by the slow paced typical aqua aerobics class.

Our aim at SWIMSANITY is to change that. We have created a programme which is fast paced, effective and hard work! not the sort of workout your granny would normally do,, (   although she could at her own pace ;o)   )

We prefer to not call it aqua aerobics, as it really is a much more intense workout than simply aerobics. combing HIIT high intensity interval training, with pilates resistance drills and swim paddle drills, we truely work you out in the water.

Our programme can be adapted to fit different pool dimensions and sizes and to suit all different types of clients. The one key theme for all though.. keep going/ push harder & faster!

We have males attend our sesssions weekly and they do not see the workut as femenine in the slightest. They generally have no breathe left to comment!

HIIT exercise increases Testosterone levels in males... Still sound girly?

Our workouts have been used by professional athletes to aid recover from injury and maintain & improve fitness. Male and female.

The problem for some male participants is embarrasment, of body shape, other people, their swim ability....

With our programme, there is no failure... its a safe workout for non swimmers, that actually improves water confidence.

The body is submerged much of the time too.. so really no need to worry.:)


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