Training, qualification, certification for insane aqua aerobics class

Posted by swimfit on December 10, 2014 at 12:05 AM

spaces are running out for swim sanity's aqua instructor training courses beginning january 2015.
Posted only a few days ago spaces are already filling up fast with over 40 applicants.
If your are a personal trainer, swim coach, swim teacher, exercise to music (etm) or a fitness professional.. and want to add swimsanity workout to your arsenal. ..You can offer the class in health clubs and gyms across the uk. sign up today before spaces run out.
the workout comprises high intensity interval training or max interval training, pilates, aqua jogging, aerobics and other fun drills . The workout is perfect for those trying to get in shape, lose weight, overcoming injury, or for an introduction to swimming.
The classes can also be customised so that they fit into current gym setups and client bases.





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