1 set : Swimsanity swim & exercise hand paddles


The Swimsanity paddles have been designed by a team of sports scientists, professional swim coaches & international level swimmers.

These paddles are the new design for 2017, and are used in Swimsanity HIIT classes and provide high surface area resistance to improve strength.

The ergonomic design makes them comfortable to use and the Multi-hole design allows some water to pass through the paddle to provide kinesthetic learning, greatly improving feel for the water when swimming. The paddles shape and size also promote high elbow technique when swimming (also known as EVF - early vertical forearm)

Hand paddles are used by elite swimmers worldwide, as well as those wanting to improve strength for fitness or rehabilitation.

Adjustable straps mean 1 size fits all. 

* adjustable straps.

*anti mould / quick dry properties.

* multi-hole feedback

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