Instruct aqua fit - Swimsanity aqua certification

Swimsanity & Insure 4 sport

The Swimsanity aqua class is  the ideal addition to a health clubs class timetable. Its different to the conventional aqua-aerobics  class.

It is less gender focused, more work based!!

Benefits to Instructors-

* create your own business and make your own classes

*  separate yourself from other PT's, ETM's / aqua instructors

*  offer clients soft exercise, additional training / hydrotherapy

*  offer something new to clubs & your clients

*  helps get you in to health clubs

*  develops personal training & swim coaching leads.

*  support to start classes and find venues.

*  PPL free music provided 

* Preferential public liability insurance

Benefits to clubs-

*  offer a unique modern aqua class

*  attract new customers wanting to participate.

*  venue listing on our websites

*  make extra money from non-members

*  encourage new memberships