Paul Taaffe

Co-Founder of Swim-sanity.

Sports Scientist.

Im Paul , co-founder of SwimSanity workouts.

My background as a swim coach and sports scientist has allowed me to develop a highly effective workout with minimal joint stress and without the sweat. The only thing needed is a want to succeed and a commitment to keep going!!

Come try one of our classes and let us know what you think.

Theo Chatziolos

Co-founder of SwimSanity.

Sports Scientist

Theo is a former international olympic level swimmer, he has an MSc in sport sciences from Brunel university. with over 10yrs experience in teaching/coaching swimming. 

In this time he has developed many unique drills & exercises for swim technique, body posture and balance!"

'Come try one of our insane fitness classes and let us know what you think.'