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    Swimsanity HIIT Instructor Course Curriculum - 2022

1 This is Swimsanity HIIT

Welcome to Swimsanity HIIT

The key facts: Swimsanity®

              2 Let's get started!

Lead from the front

Say hello and meet the class

Kick off the session with the health and safety briefing

Start with a warm up

Watch the participants

Learning Assessment - The Start

     3 HIIT Training Principles

HIIT the pool

Benefits of HIIT

HIIT Principles

Planning HIIT Workouts

Working with Different Abilities

Monitoring Exercise Intensity

Safety Considerations


Learning Assessment - HIIT

   4 Water Training Principles

Water Training Principles

Benefits of Training in Water



Drag / Water Resistance

Hydrostatic Pressure

Viscosity, Turbulence and Surface Tension

Heat dissipation

Water temperature


Learning Assessment - Water 


            5 Teaching Skills

Teaching Skills

Verbal instructions and teaching skills

Visual teaching skills

Safety and Effectiveness

Progressions and adaptations

Learning Assessment - Teaching

          6 Paddle Exercises

Paddle Exercises

Paddle Setup

Key benefits of paddle exercises

Push out and in

Sweeping side to side

Punching forwards

Punching side to side

Long arm lift up and push down

Biceps and triceps


Breaststroke arms

Front crawl arms

Butterfly arms

Learning Assessment - Paddle Exercises

              7 Wall Exercises

Using Walls

Benefits of using the walls

Sit ups reaching towards toes

Sit ups reaching for ceiling

Sit ups reaching to the sides

Long Leg Raises

Side leg lift

Easy push ups

Assisted push ups

Full Push Ups

Swimsanity Lift Up

Forward and backward leg lifts

Learning Assessment - Wall exercises

     8 Running and Movement

Running and Movement

Benefits of Running and Movement

Running on the spot- standing tall

High speed running on the spot - crouching down

Treading water

Running forwards or in circles

Running backwards

Running Sideways

Sprinting from point to point

Learning Assessment - Movement

        9 Jumping Exercises


Benefits of Jumping Exercises

Jumps Up

Star Jumps

One Legged Hopping Jumps

Bunny hopping

Forwards / Backwards Jumps

Learning Assessment - Jumping

10 Kicking

Kicking Exercises

The Benefits of Kicking Exercises

Kicking on front– Long legs

Kicking on back– Long legs

Kicking on side

Kicking obliques

Learning Assessment - Kicking

                 11 Team Exercises

Team exercises


Swim of war

The Salmon

                      12 Cool Down


Cool down - The benefits

Moving Stretches

Standing Stretches

Learning Assessment - Cool Down

                          13 Music


Keep it fresh, maintain the intensity

Mix and Flow

Music precautions

Learning Assessment - Music

          14 Promoting Growth


Redefine the poolspace – a fight for gender balance

Lure gym goers away from the gym and into the pool

Tips to help launch your new class

                         15 Safety


Facility Safety

Paddle Safety

Electrical Safety

Participant Numbers

Participant Readiness

Session Structure

Learning Assessment - Safety

              16 Further reading


17    practical assessment

or Video submission

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