Thank you for your interest in the Swimsanity Instructor training.

To become an instructor is easier than you think, the course is modular, which means we can get you started immediately.

Once payment has been received for the Swimsanity instructor trainer course/license (we take card payments & Paypal), you need to book in to attend your first module - participation module (This gives you a real sense of the class as a customer/participant).

A minimum of 2 Swimsanity classes need to be attended before a date is booked for a classroom tutorials/discussions (1 full day).

Once participation module is completed and classroom date has been completed, there is a follow up session/s with your tutor (flexible dates). This is to ensure you feel confident in your knowledge and ability to deliver the Swimsanity workout effectively. We also want to equip you with skills required to grow your own business.

Pretty simple and quite flexible.

Another option is our 1 day course training to become a Swimsanity instructor.

Please check here for next available dates for 1 day training.

(Quite often your existing Insurance policy will be valid alongside our Aqua certification Certificate,

but if you do not have Public liability insurance already, INSURE4SPORT have a tailored/preferred policy for Certified Swimsanity Water Exercise Instructors.)