Aquatic workout Classes & Equipment for Leisure operators


Swimsanity® have developed a number of group aquatic workout classes.

The original Work & Flex program are cost effective, yet exciting workouts that really work. Perfect for leisure operators with multiple sites and a budget to adhere to.

The Ride and SPW program are perfect for health clubs wanting to invest in some well developed aquatic equipment that will transform the pool into a wet studio/gym!


Work is our infamous  original workout system,  incorporates resistance drills, plyometrics, gym & swim drills to deliver a versatile and effective aquatic workout every time.

Using our extra large Swimsanity resistance paddles to Work the body.

Ride is a water based cycle class that uses  unique aqua bikes that have variable resistance control.

They are ultra light when out of the water, making them easy to remove, but ultra stable when in the water.

Flex, Inspired by yoga,  offers participants a different option to conventional studio yoga classes.

Designed to improve strength, flexibility and core stability, this class is perfect for all physical abilities.

SPW, is a group workout designed around the use of our aqua platforms.

Including drills for swimming, gymnastics & yoga. moves.