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Aqua classes & Aqua training 



Swimsanity aqua fitness class - blog

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Want to become an aqua aerobics instructor in London.

Posted by swimfit on May 17, 2016 at 10:00 AM

There are several different options- the most famous of which is standard aqua aerobics, typically seen as a softer workout these days. There is also Aqua Zumba, also known as Zumba party, which uses dance moves to give customers an aqua aerobic workout.

Another option for you is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) version of aqua fitness, with unique interchangeable drills, to create endless workouts, applications and possible uses... The swimsanity workout developed in London the workout was created by two sports scientists and swim teachers. The idea of Swimsanity being to improve confidence in non-swimmers as well as giving a high intensity workout where people can lose weight, get in shape, get stronger, or use as a rehabilitation device.


The swimsanity workout helps fitness professionals enter new clubs and sports venues with something different to offer than conventional land based personal training. developed in 2014/2015 the class has started to spread across London in various Private and Public healthclubs. 

Kensington Leisure Centre with Swimsanity aqua class instructor - Daniela

Posted by swimfit on April 25, 2016 at 11:50 AM

A new Swimsanity aqua class has started at Kensington leisure centre. The RBKC sports development team are behind the project. The aim is to improve active participation in the borough. As part of the change for life campaign the cost for participants is an incredible £2.10. This is currently the lowest price Swimsanity class in the UK (except for members of swimsanity venues)- Swimsanity Instructor Daniela is delivering the class on Tuesdays at 6.30pm, so feel free to come and join the fun.

Read about Daniela's journey

The Science of HIIT in water / aqua - swimsanity

Posted by Theo on January 6, 2015 at 5:30 PM

The science of HIIT in the water…or in other words SWIMSANITY

First of all, let’s have a look at the science and the research behind HIIT...

HIIT is an advanced workout alternating intense high energy exercise with short and less intense recovery periods and it is not a new idea. There's evidence that Olympic distance runner Kolehmainen was using interval training in his workouts and then the famous Sebastian Coe with his father-coach were using some kind of HIIT training. A large amount of research has been done until then, with sports scientists demonstrate that HIIT can:

• enhance the performance of competitive athletes

• Improve the overall health of amateur athletes

• Produce the same, and sometimes an advanced, number of physiological benefits as the endurance aerobic training, with fewer workouts.

The typical, but sometimes less interesting, way to improve cardiovascular fitness is to increase the volume of exercise—longer swimming sets for example. HIIT, on the other hand, is really attractive because, according to current research, it can produce a noteworthy amount of physiological benefits, often in less time than continuous aerobic exercise (Daussin et al. 2008 ).

In a comparison between HIIT and Long Endurance training we can point out some key differences on:

Cardiovascular parameters and effects...

Recent research demonstrates that HIIT can provide similar, and in some cases more, cardiovascular benefits than the traditional endurance training (Helgerud et al. 2007; Wisløff, Ellingsen & Kemi 2009). Take into consideration that HIIT workout is shorter and needs fewer sessions.

Skeletal-Muscle parameters and effects…

For many years, coaches and scientists thought that the increase in size and number of mitochondria appears only because of continuous endurance training, but recent studies, such as the one from Gibala 2009, showed that HIIT can also create this important adaptation.

Metabolic parameters and effects…

Because of the nature of high-intensity exercise, the effect that has on fat burning (or the metabolism of fat for fuel during exercise) has been a major point of interest. Perry et al. (2008showed that fat burning was significantly higher and carbohydrate oxidations significantly lower after 6 weeks of High Intensity Interval Training.

Another key metabolic benefit of HIIT is EPOC (excess postexercise oxygen consumption). After a HIIT session, oxygen consumption remains at high levels as the working muscle cells are trying to restore the body to its pre-exercise state. This means higher and longer calorie burning hours after workout has stopped.

Final Verdict:

We can’t say that HIIT is the ultimate and the only way forward for improving our performance, but on the other hand continuous aerobic training is an “old fashioned” way and it definitely not going to improve the cardio, metabolic and skeletal-muscle factors of your performance all by itself, as we thought for many years...combining the traditional endurance training with HIIT in your weekly workout is the ideal. HIIT is the extra tool to help you achieve your goal in a time-efficient way. We must remember that research shows that 3-4 HIIT workouts per week leads to outstanding improvements in the performance and the health of an athlete...

Now think about performing HIIT in the water...where there’s more resistance but less impact...where balance is essential and sweat is an “unknown” word...and where strength and flexibility go hand in hand...then you have the perfect combination and the ideal workout...

...and we call it SWIMSANITY!!

By theo chatziolos

Training, qualification, certification for insane aqua aerobics class

Posted by swimfit on December 10, 2014 at 12:05 AM

spaces are running out for swim sanity's aqua instructor training courses beginning january 2015.
Posted only a few days ago spaces are already filling up fast with over 40 applicants.
If your are a personal trainer, swim coach, swim teacher, exercise to music (etm) or a fitness professional.. and want to add swimsanity workout to your arsenal. ..You can offer the class in health clubs and gyms across the uk. sign up today before spaces run out.
the workout comprises high intensity interval training or max interval training, pilates, aqua jogging, aerobics and other fun drills . The workout is perfect for those trying to get in shape, lose weight, overcoming injury, or for an introduction to swimming.
The classes can also be customised so that they fit into current gym setups and client bases.





Swimsanity Instructor Training - free for first to sign up to our 1st instructor course

Posted by swimfit on November 24, 2014 at 10:20 AM

We are now delighted to anounce that Swimsanity will be commencing courses shortly for exercise and sports professionals  to obtain license and permission to deliver the SWIMSANITY classes nationwide.

Once trained, you will be given the right to use our program, marketing material & branding to start your own class, or introduce it to your own gym/pool.

The FREE training will be spread over 2 days and will be held in London in January 2015

The areas covered-

Swimsanity theory, history and philosophy and why is different from other aqua classes

HIIT explaned in depth.

Differences between exercises in land and in water 

Anatomy and physiology (which muscles we target on each exercise and how the body position should be)

Main-key point- exercises and sets, what are the variations, where and when a coach can make changes 


Practices / practical

Instructions about music

Instructions about different levels of difficulty


Presentation from trainees (The trainees must present their own session in paper and in pool)

The training will be free of charge for a limted number of coaches/trainers that express an interest in Becoming a SwimSanity instructor.

register with our website below

aqua aerobics for men and women

Posted by swimfit on November 24, 2014 at 9:50 AM

Aqua aerobics has for too long now been regarded by many as a female exercise class. Typically you will find many aqua classes occupied by females of a certain age, that want a verys low, low imoact stretch in the water. It is a social cocasion for many. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it does convey an image of aqua aerobics that many males just dont see they fit into.

Unfortunately many younger females or fitness types are also put off by the slow paced typical aqua aerobics class.

Our aim at SWIMSANITY is to change that. We have created a programme which is fast paced, effective and hard work! not the sort of workout your granny would normally do,, (   although she could at her own pace ;o)   )

We prefer to not call it aqua aerobics, as it really is a much more intense workout than simply aerobics. combing HIIT high intensity interval training, with pilates resistance drills and swim paddle drills, we truely work you out in the water.

Our programme can be adapted to fit different pool dimensions and sizes and to suit all different types of clients. The one key theme for all though.. keep going/ push harder & faster!

We have males attend our sesssions weekly and they do not see the workut as femenine in the slightest. They generally have no breathe left to comment!

HIIT exercise increases Testosterone levels in males... Still sound girly?

Our workouts have been used by professional athletes to aid recover from injury and maintain & improve fitness. Male and female.

The problem for some male participants is embarrasment, of body shape, other people, their swim ability....

With our programme, there is no failure... its a safe workout for non swimmers, that actually improves water confidence.

The body is submerged much of the time too.. so really no need to worry.:)


muscle memory and kinesthetic feedback in swimsanity aqua class

Posted by swimfit on November 19, 2014 at 9:25 AM

swimsanity classes incorporate swimming stroke techniques to help the body learn the movements required for swimming strokes. Swimsanity is not just a high intensity aqua class for men and women.. it actually can help individuals start to learn to swim.. just through participation in the class.


example drills-

1. high elbow evf (early vertical forearm) 'pull through' drill with hand paddles. Not only a resistance drill, but a rehearsal drill for learning correct front crawl 'pull stage'.

2. Breaststroke arm pulls with paddles, to get used to the 'catch and pull', and angle of 'pull'.

3. sculling - incorperated as a core exercise, again helps with the hands getting used to 'sculling/catch' of water (effective water movement).

4. Leg kick drills - for max post burn, but also to reinforce correct technique for stroke leg kick.


The physiology-

Every time we move, our body retains information about that movement, the feel of the movement. Through repetition this muscle memory or 'kinesthetic memory' is reinforced.

Eventually the movement can be repeated again and again almost identically each time.

This is even more true with swimming. The kinestetic feedback we get from water (touching us all over our skins nerves) is huge. Your hands, arms and legs feel the water, your bouyancy, the water resistance, meaning you are constantly learning (well... your bodys nervous system is at least)

By introducing swim movements into an aqua class, that even a total non swimmer can participate in, reduces the time it would take for that person to learn to swim. This is simply because we have taught the body the sub skills of the strokes in the correct enviromnment, but in an environment where their is no failure to achieve. ie- the objevctive is not to learn, its to train and get fitter... the swimming benefits are the bonus. These drills can then be pieced together quickly by most proficient teachers.