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Aqua classes & Aqua training 



muscle memory and kinesthetic feedback in swimsanity aqua class

Posted by swimfit on November 19, 2014 at 9:25 AM

swimsanity classes incorporate swimming stroke techniques to help the body learn the movements required for swimming strokes. Swimsanity is not just a high intensity aqua class for men and women.. it actually can help individuals start to learn to swim.. just through participation in the class.


example drills-

1. high elbow evf (early vertical forearm) 'pull through' drill with hand paddles. Not only a resistance drill, but a rehearsal drill for learning correct front crawl 'pull stage'.

2. Breaststroke arm pulls with paddles, to get used to the 'catch and pull', and angle of 'pull'.

3. sculling - incorperated as a core exercise, again helps with the hands getting used to 'sculling/catch' of water (effective water movement).

4. Leg kick drills - for max post burn, but also to reinforce correct technique for stroke leg kick.


The physiology-

Every time we move, our body retains information about that movement, the feel of the movement. Through repetition this muscle memory or 'kinesthetic memory' is reinforced.

Eventually the movement can be repeated again and again almost identically each time.

This is even more true with swimming. The kinestetic feedback we get from water (touching us all over our skins nerves) is huge. Your hands, arms and legs feel the water, your bouyancy, the water resistance, meaning you are constantly learning (well... your bodys nervous system is at least)

By introducing swim movements into an aqua class, that even a total non swimmer can participate in, reduces the time it would take for that person to learn to swim. This is simply because we have taught the body the sub skills of the strokes in the correct enviromnment, but in an environment where their is no failure to achieve. ie- the objevctive is not to learn, its to train and get fitter... the swimming benefits are the bonus. These drills can then be pieced together quickly by most proficient teachers.



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