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Swimsanity Instructor case studies.

Read about our Swimsanity success stories

Daniela - Swimsanity Certified Instructor

Daniela is a Personal Trainer who operates in London. She is as an elite level Body Builder and has a thorough knowledge of training, conditioning and dieting to achieve amazing fitness gains.

Although Daniela has her regular clients that she trains in an outdoor setting, she recognised the potential to increase her current clients training without putting their bodies through more impact exercise.

How? with swimming or water training.

There was one problem.. Daniela wasn't a swim teacher.. didnt come from a swimming background.. in fact, she wasnt even a swimmer.


Daniela decided to bite the bullet and attend a Swimsanity session to participate (Feb 2016). She had learned from the website that the classes are suitable for non-swimmers, so how bad could it go?

After attending the first session, she fell in love with the Swimsanity Method of training.

She enjoyed the classes interaction with others, got a proper HIIT and resistance workout (by Daniela's standard's, thats something), and saw the endless possibilities of aquatic exercises and applications to her clients.

After attending a few more sessions in the pool.. she was a swimmer!

The class incorporates swim movements to improve swimming ability and water confidence.. so not a total co-incidence. The reality is that when you focus on fun and on a task.. you soon forget the fear and start believing and achieving.

After attending 5 sessions at a class, she signed up to train to become a Swimsanity Instructor.

She  now has a way of meeting new personal training clients, that want her individual attention, & can now potentially increase her current clients training sessions each week by doing an aqua workout with them.


She can also finally enjoy her holidays and the water that surrounds us all!

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